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A Mini Park

At the top of Orizaba Avenue there is a small park that is little more than a mound of rocks. The park has many names. Google maps calls it Lakeview and Ashton Mini Park, and Carlos, an Oceanview resident, calls the park “Cool Rocks.” Here’s Carlos talking about his relationship with the park.


Tear it down and build anew: the future of Ocean Avenue

The recent developments on Ocean Avenue have moved the business corridor into the redevelopment realm because there are no more empty lots.  A proposed construction at 1601 Ocean Ave. may be the first of many similar projects in an area that no longer has any empty land.

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There were many times during this semester, especially at the beginning, when I felt I was being pushed off of a cliff.
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A Bright Future for the Geneva Car Barn?

Geneva Car Barn at Night

The Geneva Car Barn at night.

The Geneva Car Barn has a long history, but that might not occur to people walking by.  The car barn is located at 2301 San Jose Ave., across the street from the Balboa Park BART station and a Muni terminal.  Muni cars rattle past the empty, boarded up building all day, but some want to use the space for something more productive.

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Norman Yee Hosts a Bilingual Public Meeting

A few minutes before 10 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, Nov. 16, residents of San Francisco’s District 7 began to trickle into the community room of the Ingleside library.  The library itself was closed but paper signs pointed passersby around the corner of the library into a room filled with three semi circles of chairs.

By the time the meeting started, 10 minutes behind schedule, there were over 50 people in the tapering room with many standing against the walls.

The meeting, arranged by District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee, was conducted in two languages, Mandarin and English.

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Astronomical Society to Celebrate 25 Years in Ingleside

In a few months the Astronomical Society of the Pacific will celebrate its 125th anniversary and its 25th year on Ocean Avenue.

ASP Street View

The organization may not be known by many, even to those familiar with the area, because it did not put a sign on its building, at the corner of Ashton Avenue and Ocean Avenue, until April.

“We tend to be a very nationally focused organization,” said James Manning, the society’s executive director, “but after twenty five years in the neighborhood we thought it was time to announce our presence.”

Founded on Feb. 7, 1889 in San Francisco as the first national astronomy society in the United States, the society provides resources and training for astronomy educators and public outreach officials across the country.

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Construction Starts on the Minnie and Lovie Ward Field

On Friday, Oct. 11, renovation construction began on the athletic field at the Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center.

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Ingleside Terrace

Photo by Flickr user Nodename

Photo by Flickr user Nodename

Voice of the Pentecost Church

Photo by Flickr user Nodename

Photo by Flickr user Nodename

Community Action Grant Now Accepting Proposals

A grant for community building projects in the OMI neighborhood is accepting applications once again.

The OMI Community Action Grant is promising a $2500 to $5000 grant to a community based group for a project that will strengthen the neighborhood.  Past grant funded projects have included a beautification project at Sheridan Elementary School, a new trellis in the Brooks Park community garden, and the Many Hands Mural next to the Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center play structure.

The grant is made possible by a collaboration between The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, The Office of Supervisor John Avalos, Rebuilding Together San Francisco and the OMI Community Collaboration.

Project ideas are due by November 1, 2013.  Applications must be mailed to Rebuilding Together San Francisco.  The Ocean View Library branch may have a few information and application packets left or you can contact Karen Nemsick at or 415-905-1611.